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Why Lease Your Domain?

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Is domain leasing for you?


Are you a funded startup or existing organization seeking to establish or strengthen your digital identity? Have you established a long-term business roadmap and are now committed to maintaining and elevating your e-commerce presence?


If you said “yes”, let’s get down to business…

In our experience, domain leasing provides the greatest balance of flexibility: more permanent than a monthly domain rental, yet far more adaptable than an outright domain purchase. There’s many ways that domain leasing may best-suit your unique business needs. Here’s just a few of the perks that our delighted clients around the world enjoy: 

Optimal Flexibility

Whilst possible to rent domains on a monthly basis, businesses that do often suffer frequent shifts in rental costs that can catch you by surprise. Thanks to the comprehensive analytics accompanying every Blue Nova domain – plus our guaranteed fixed leasing rates – you can confidently assess a domain’s traction then lock it down for your desired duration, free from concerns of shifting rental costs or dwindling search presence. 

Presence Testing

Strategic Planning

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Even with extensive market research, nobody quite knows how their domain name is going to contribute to their business’ success in the long-term. Leasing enables you to assess the value that a domain name brings without breaking the bank upfront, and saves vital budget for other parts of your business. 

If you have a pivotal 12 months of business growth mapped out, why not maximize your online presence during that year?


A 12-month TLD lease provides extra power to achieve your funding goals, engage your key demographics and roll out tactical campaigns while possessing prime online real estate. Then, with your roadmap requirements ticked off, you can reassess your domain and ensure it best-suits your next phase of business development.

Let’s Get In Touch

Our team is ready to help you secure your perfect domain name.

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