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In addition to the customized support we offer, here are some frequently asked questions and the relevant answers. Please feel free to raise any further questions with a member of the team.

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Can I buy the domain?

No. Our domain names are only available through perpetual lease agreement.

How long will it take to receive a response?

We aim to respond to each inquiry within 1 business day. Occasionally, delays may occur if the domain owner is unavailable. In this situation, the brokerage agent will notify you.

If my first offer is declined will I have an opportunity to increase my offer?

Yes, however it is ultimately up to the domain owner to decide if they want to pursue negotiations and this decision is often made on a case-by-case basis.

When I lease a domain, does the owner still have access to it?

No. Upon reaching an agreement to lease, control of the domain is removed from the domain owner and transferred to, a secure, 3rd-party platform specifically built to facilitate leases and provide domain holding services.

When I lease a domain, can the owner increase the price?

No, the monthly lease rate is fixed, and will be presented to you prior to the agreement being signed. It is not possible for the domain owner to make further changes once the agreement has been executed.

Can I lose the domain?

Venture's model has been designed with your brand's longterm success in mind. It guarantees you exclusive rights to lease the domain indefinitely. Blue Nova cannot cancel for convenience. Therefore, losing the domain is contingent upon you paying on time and not infringing.

on any trademark with the domain.

What would happen if the owner sells the portfolio?

Ownership would but transferred but your lease would remain in effect. An addendum to the terms and conditions will need to be made to reflect the new parties to the agreement.

Can leased assets be added as an asset on my company books?

Accounting policies now allow companies to record the leased domain name as an asset on the balance sheet. You are entering into a perpetual lease that can be recorded as an asset. You should consult with your accountants to obtain their advice on the calculation of the asset and liability that can be recorded on the books of your company.

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