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Being in business for 20+ years

We know a thing or two

Blue Nova Inc. is a domain name owner focusing on connecting serious entrepreneurs with premium domain names. With a reputable portfolio of approximately 10,000 domains and over 20 years’ experience in the domain industry, we have launched an initiative to make these domains available to you at a fraction of the acquisition cost. How you may ask? Through domain leasing.

Domain leasing allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to safely use prime internet real estate at a low cost. Imagine having access to a store in virtual Times Square. The potential is unlimited! A domain name alone does not translate into success. Leasing offers the opportunity to test and measure if/how the domain adds value to your business without having to sink a huge chunk of capital upfront.

Research states that over 50% of business fail within the first 5 years. Our record confirms this as we have seen a 56% cancellation rate. Could you imagine the money spent had they bought their domains? Let our trusted, knowledgeable team of professionals assist with securing the domain name you need and offer you the world class service you deserve.


Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

I never knew how valuable a short and simple domain name could be. My site existed for four years under an abstract 8 letter domain and got very little traffic. I was scared to risk tens of thousands of dollars on a shorter, clearer domain, even though I felt like the site had grown to be very useful. Then I noticed that the domain I wanted——was now available to lease. I could dip my toe in the waters without betting our family's house. Wow! What an impact it made. Within a month we had product market fit and the rest is history. We will long be partners and friends of Blue Nova and admire their innovation and commitment to stewardship and making the web a better place for us all."

Breck Yunits

Our overall objective with starting Blue Bear was to create a long lasting effective brand that is not only memorable, recognizable, and simple but easily identified in the online marketplace. We were happy to find that was available and could not have have been more relieved that we did not need to spend all our start-up capital in obtaining this premium domain name."

Kelly Kerston

I have worked with Blue Nova for 4 years. I continue to recommend them to other entrepreneurs who want to use the power of a premium domain for their business. I think their leasing option for domains is brilliant! It allows you to try out domains and test strategies with very little risk. I have found them to be very trustworthy and very quick to communicate."

Reggie Black

Our Story

We were formed as a domain asset holding company, primarily building a premium domain portfolio through purchases and acquisitions. 

We created a partnership with for completing secure domain name sales and rentals.

The company rebranded to Blue Nova Inc. and brought on a team of agents with a focus on monetizing the portfolio.

We created an exclusive partnership with on our mission to make premium domain names more widely available to the public through perpetual leasing.

The Beginning
Domain Sales
Leasing Partnership
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